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In view of today's building materials and traditional reinforced concrete, from the acquisition and production of materials to the construction and use process, a large amount of carbon dioxide is generated and excavation of mountain areas to obtain concrete cement materials, mining of river beds to obtain sand and gravel as reinforcing steel, etc. All of them are destroying the land we love, so in order to make the land we love sustainable, the Paul Mies team made every effort to develop carbon-reducing, environmentally friendly and hydrophilic green energy building materials.

We uphold the concept of using green materials, so that green energy environmental protection and building materials can be perfectly integrated; with the goal of slowing down global warming, we have invested heavily in research and development of building and yacht composite materials, so that building materials can better treat our living environment.


Unique Characteristics

  • 產品特性-防水
    Water resistance

    waterproof materials

  • 產品特性-隔熱
    Heat insulation

    Insulation materials

  • 產品特性-具親水性

    Hydrophilic materials

  • 產品特性-減碳
    Carbon reduction

    Carbon reduction materials

  • 產品特性-環保

    Green materials

  • 產品特性-無毒

    Qualified by SGS inspection, non-toxic

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